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How to Join the Diabetes Research Center

Faculty employed by the University of Hawaii and other educational/research/clinical institutions in Hawaii may apply for Diabetes Research Center (DRC) Affiliate Membership.

Members are expected to:

  • Actively participate in metabolic syndrome research
  • Develop inter- and intra-programmatic research collaborations leading to publications and proposals
  • Provide annual updates of metabolic syndrome-focused funding, publications, accruals, and leadership roles (nationally and institutionally)
  • Acknowledge use of Diabetes Research Center shared resources and provide associated PMCID to document compliance with NIH policy (when appropriate)

Membership Eligibility

Affiliate Members must have a Doctoral level full- or part-time faculty appointment at the University of Hawaii or other educational/research/clinical institution in Hawaii AND must meet one of the following:

  • Have metabolic syndrome-related publications in peer-reviewed journals
  • Provide a significant and independent clinical, translational, or basic science research contribution
  • Be in the first three years of a faculty appointment at UH
  • Play a key role in a national cooperative group

Member Benefits:

  • Eligible to apply for DRC Diabetes Dollars and pilot projects
  • Eligible for subsidized use of DRC-supported shared resources for metabolic syndrome focused projects
  • Eligible to direct or assist strategic planning initiatives
  • Invitations to scientific retreats, seminars and special programs
  • Inclusion on the DRC website

We strongly encourage clinical and community members to join our Center and ask you to contact us directly if you do not feel you qualify for Affiliate Membership status.

Clinical Members are community clinicians, actively engaged in metabolic syndrome research or taking care of metabolic syndrome patients.

Community Members are community members, actively interested in metabolic syndrome research or working to improve the health of metabolic syndrome patients.

Apply for Membership

Submit the following information and documents to Joan Gerber :

Submit the following information:
Full name
Institutional title
Institution, department, and institutional mailing address
email address and phone number

Submit the following items:
High quality headshot photo for inclusion on our website (upon membership approval)
Resume, curriculum vitae, or NIH Biosketch including current and pending funding
Statement describing the focus on your research related to diabetes and metabolic syndrome for a general audience (one-page limit)
3-5 sentences describing your research focus for a general audience (for inclusion on our website)

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